Telepathy, the body’s nostalgia
13 January, 2018

The Glass Factory


The Glass Factory, is a mise en scène of a site specific that pretends to arouse a reflection about the types of construction of scientific and historic truths of the human being, through a fiction that articulates a series of attempts to decipher the origin of a mysterious object that has been found by a group of anthropologists, who have the mission of granting an alleged “ historic value” to prevent de demolition of the compound due to real estate speculation.. The different speculations created by the “experts” will end up questioning the real existence of the object, until making it disappear.

This way, the montage approaches a real urban stage taking over its specific memories and endowing it with an artificial memory. In this way, the re-construction of its historic value and speculation about its future makes the montage contingent. It is a about a mise en scene full of humor, for all audiences, whose objective is to arouse the reflection about the manipulation of “truth”, and its effects on the bodies, the objects and of the space.


  • Direction: Ignacia González
  • Dramaturgy: PERSONA Company.
  • Cast: María Fernanda Giacaman, Magdalena Fuentes, Matias Segura.
  • Sound: Aurelio Silva.
  • Design and construction: Andrea Pizarro.
  • Producer: Valentina Gavilán.
  • Graphic Design: Camila Donoso.
  • Audiovisual design: Camila Donoso.
  • Photography log: Juan Hoppe.