Blind Spot
13 January, 2018
The Glass Factory
13 January, 2018

Telepathy, the body’s nostalgia


Telepathy, the body’s nostalgia, is a “documentary mise en scene” where spectators are guided by a voice-over played live, that lets them know the physical and psychological exploration that two bodies perform with the objective of dominating their mental activity. Through visual and sound games, the montage is placed in an anachronic space that could be related to a future not very far, where the breakthroughs that a hipercivilized society have reached to control its citizens is presented.

Telepathy is a scenic experience that invokes imagination and the internal perception of the spectators. It appears with the intention of questioning, on a scenic and ideological level, the effects brought by the civilizing process on the human body through western history. Based on the sociological theory of Norbert Elias (1987), we stress the idea of the Cartesian body-mind separation where we ask ourselves what is the capsule in the human being and what is encapsulated? For this, new theater games were developed that link voice-over, darkness, images and Foley sounds, allowing us to enter an abysmal inner world that we thought we had control over.


  • Direction: Ignacia González y María Fernanda Giacaman.
  • Original idea by María Fernanda Giacaman.
  • Dramaturgy: PERSONA Theatre Company.
  • Cast: Valentina Parada, Magdalena Fuentes, Tania Novoa.
  • Sound: Fernando Matus.
  • Design and construction: Gabriela Torrejón.
  • Producer: Valentina Gavilán.
  • Graphic designer: María Cristo.
  • Audiovisual design: Enrique Farías.
  • Photography log: Juan Hoppe.

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