Blind people Lab: Darkness, sound and imagination
13 January, 2018
Telepathy, the body’s nostalgia
13 January, 2018

Blind Spot


Blind Spot, is a montage that is born as a result of a scene investigation project called „perceive in the darkness“. By the evidence that the sense of sight has been dominant in the development of our moral, aesthetic, political, and economic categories; its worth asking Is seeing necessarily a synonym of knowing? This montage proposes that within all that is perceivable there is always something that can’t be perceived. Relating this with the case of the trial that the Chilean Government did on the witches in Chiloe in 1880 with the experiences lived by Lorenzo Morales, a 67 year old blind person; it searches to guide the spectators to a new reunion with the concepts about cultural and biological blindness. The scene is hidden so the blind view is the guide to alternative ways of perceiving and thinking the world. By a hybrid and multidisciplinary work, a provocation to the accustomed experience of the spectator is created, widening this to sound aspects of theatricality.

This montage will be premiered in the Gabriela Mistral Cultural Center, in August of 2018 and it will count with a simultaneous audio description for a blind audience. It obtained the regional fund of Production and Creation (FONDART) 2018 and it also counts with the collaboration with the Teatro a mil Foundation (FITAM) and the Goethe Institut in Chile.


  • Direction: Ignacia González Torres
  • Cast: Gabriela Aguilera, Camilo Navarro, Lorenzo Morales, Alejandro Ferreira, Francisca Traslaviña
  • Collective dramaturgy: Compañía de Teatro Persona y Tomás Henríquez
  • Integral Design: Gabriela Torreón y José Farías
  • Sound Design: Fernando Matus de la Parra
  • Audiovisual log: Gonzalo Maruri.
  • Photography log: Carlos Martinez
  • Production: Melisa Lantadilla