PERSONA Theater Company.

"We have questioned social and aesthetic conventions, with the purpose of developing new stage languages, mainly deepening in the creation of perceptive displacements in the audience’s vision and hearing."


Our objectives are: investigate and question the aesthetic and politic that sustains hipervisualization installed in our contemporary society; use the stage as a zone open to trial, reflection and dialogue with practices that interrogate such cultural norms; invite the spectators of theater experiences that- through sensibility and a sense of humor- facilitate the entry of such questionings, to go in search of the creation of new bonds with the community and territory where our works are developed.


The Glass Factory (2015), is our first work, a theatrical site specific first presented inside de Recoleta former Glass and Ceramic factory, where the speculation from the sound-space perception of the spectator was investigated.

Telepathy, the body’s nostalgia (2016), our second stage work, is an exploration based on the sociological theory of Norbert Elias, who is an invitation in thinking the civilization process as a progressive abstraction of the human body. This play was presented during 2016 in Teatro del Puente and in the scenic arts room of the University Playa Ancha de Valparaiso.

Currently, the company is rehearsing their third work Blind Spot, that will be first presented in August of 2018 in the Gabriela Mistral Cultural Center (GAM). This project counts with financing from the Cultural Fund FONDART from the Chilean Arts and Culture Counsel, The support of the Teatro a Mil (FITAM) Foundation, Goethe Institut and Red Compartir.



Some of the following people are regular collaborators of our work, while other has been involved in specific moments and projects. We are thankful of being able to share these stage experiences with each one:

Matias Segura (Actor), Aurelio Silva (Composer and sound recorder), Magdalena Fuentes (Actress), Valentina Parada (Actress), Tania Novoa (Actress), Andrea Pizarro (Designer), Camila Donoso (Graphic and Audiovisual designer), María Cristo (Graphic designer), Enrique Farías (Audiovisual designer), Juan Hoppe (Photography log), Valentina Gavilán (Production), Camilo Navarro (Actor), Valentina Núñez (Actress), Lorenzo Morales (Actor), Alejandro Ferreira (actor), Francisca Traslaviña (Actress), Tomás Henríquez (Playwright),Fernando Matus de la Parra (Composer and sound recorder)), Gabriela Torrejón (Designer), José Farías (Designer), Gonzalo Maruri (log and Audiovisual design), Melisa Lantadilla (Production), Grupo TOMA, María Fernanda Giacaman (Actress and Director), Ignacia González (Director).